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*aggressively stabs at each individual letter when retyping password*

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I’ve gotten to the point where my parents could take everything away from me and I’d still be content to just lay in my bed and sleep. 

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-from Monique W. Morris’ new book Black Stats. Click here for more info on the broad range of fascinating and often surprising facts and figures all about Black life in America. (via thenewpress)

And that’s why accommodations were slow when it hit New Orleans. They knew that 2/3 of the population was black and the cultural history behind it. Had it hit somewhere in which the population was not predominantly black or non-white, help would have came faster. That was why Kanye said what he said.

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Hurricane Katrina shrank the Black population in New Orleans by 57 percent.

How to guide for white girls who want to wear bindis


1. Don’t

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Angel (ft. Rayvon) Shaggy

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"And if the night comes,
And the night will come—
Well, at least the war is over.

All the living are dead,
And the dead are all living;
The war is over,
And we are beginning.” 

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look if you unironically say ‘money can’t buy happiness’ then either you’ve never faced a real financial struggle or you’ve achieved enlightenment, because goddamn does financial security feel an awful lot like happiness when it’s something you’re not used to

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White people telling PoC what is or isn’t racist is like an random stranger telling you what you are or aren’t allergic to

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